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Lavi.Joy - your dog-friendly life guide

Our pets cannot tell us about their needs. We will tell each owner what is essential for their pets, how to keep a balance between your personal comfort and the happiness of your tailed friend. Lavi.Joy is a brand ambassador of a dog-friendly life for you and your pet.

About us

My name is Daria, and my lovely dog is Joy. For a long time I was looking for the perfect dog tag, but when I failed to find it I started to make them myself. At the beggining of the Lavi.Joy brand I made dog tags for my friend’s dogs. Now, the brand is not only about dog tags, but about a comfortable pet-friendly life.

Our mission

I want to involve every owner in a dog-friendly lifestyle. Our mission is to convey that dog tags are a must for pet safety. In addition, a toy box helps to prevent mess in your home and teaches your dog to collect toys after their play time. Each of our products is about the mutual comfort of pets and their owner.

Why Lavi.Joy

We are passionate about the quality of each product: the dog tags and laces are durable and will survive any weather. A sniffing mat serves to help owners relax and entertain their pets. We plan to extend the range of goods, bringing you the best products that will continue to provide you with a comfortable life for both owner and pet!


We give 5% of our profits to a dog shelter near Kyiv. We would love for each of these dogs to have a home. Until that moment comes, my friends and I visit the dogs, feed them and walk them once a week. Visit our Instagram to find out more about the upcoming visits and join us!